Feature Activist – December 2012

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  • January 7, 2013


Feature Activist

La Peña highlights the effort of 67 Sueños to give migrant youth a brighter vision in the Bay Area and in the Country. We support their “goal of raising the voices of migrant youth to expand the debates and the legislative possibilities,” and their use of art to generate a dialogue that promotes a positive message on immigration. 67 Sueños has demonstrated consistently, with their work, that they are dedicated to raising the voices of the undocumented youth so that they are heard at a national level.

67 Sueños Mission

“The 67 Sueños project was born out of the recognition that the majority of migrant youth were not being included in the debates about OUR future that were and are happening nationally. Our goal is to raise those/our underprivileged migrant youth voices to expand the debate and the legislative possibilities.”

For more information on 67 Sueños visit www.67suenos.org
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