Community Curator Position

What kind of job?
La Peña is excited to announce it’s newest position, the Community Curator. This is a commission based, independent promotional position. If you have an event that you would like to see created, and you want to be the point person to curate it then we are more than willing to pay you for your trouble!

Who can apply for the position?
This is a great position for artists who are looking to get their band more playtime, persons who know local performers and love to organize events, and anyone else who has a passion for Social Justice and the arts. Below is a list of potential events that you can help us organize.

What Types of Shows?
– Music shows: ones with multiple bands, opening acts can be other artists/bands/dance instructors/etc., variety shows with live art, open mics with sign-ups ahead of time, etc.
– Plays: we have a stage that can accommodate full cast theater performances, but we are limited on our resources to build sets.
– Social Justice themed talks, movie screenings, and any other ideas you come up with.

How will you get paid?
You will be compensated 10-30% of the door take. Our typical payouts for artists at the end of the night is 70% of the door after expenses, so it would be up to you to coordinate your cut with the artists. Our theater has a capacity of 200, so if you were to sell even 175 at $15 a ticket you could walk away with approximately $500 per night!

Can I get hired on full time?
We promote from within when job opportunities arise. So there is room for advancement.

Who can I talk to for information about the position?
Call us in the office at: (510) 849-2568, or email:
(you can ask for Bianca or Natalia)