logo_testSmall La Peña’s Holiday Craft Fair

Are you a crafts person interested in selling your art to a community that is passionate about social justice, and supporting local economies, if so, we have the right place for  your merchandise. Fill and submit the form below to craftfair@lapena.org  by Monday, December 2, 2013. Space is limited so don’t hesitate to sign up. The craft fair will take place at La Peña on  Saturday, December 14   10 am – 4 pm.

Download the application form here

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  • I would like to participate in the Dec 14 crafts fair. I have ceramics, priced at $5 – $15. I stopped by your office today to pay for table space ($65), which I might share with a colleague, but you weren’t open. I will bring by $65 and a few pictures of my work. I hope this meets your deadline schedule. I’ll submit the $65 on your “donate now” page.” Please let me know if you receive this $65.00

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