Las Tres Marîas: March 22nd 8pm @La Peña

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  • March 6, 2013

Three beautiful songbirds, each with a voice from a different homeland, fly into La Peña March 22nd to share their voices as immigrants, as women, as activists, as catalysts for change. Go to any major news site or channel and you’ll see countless stories on the latest news in immigration reform. But a key point that is perhaps more important than the stories that are flooding the news: Who is being included? The unique needs of immigrant women and their families have often been marginalized in past discussions about immigration reform.
At La Peña we want everyone to have a voice.
Partnering with TIGRA, an organization that seeks to empower immigrants, we bring Diana Gameros, Radmilla Cody, and Cynthia Alexander, or Las Tres Marias, to tell their stories.

Come see them LIVE on March 22, 2013 -8pm at La Peña!

Originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and now living in San Francisco, Diana Gameros writes and sings inspiring songs of love, longing and hope that reflect her experience as a young 21st century woman on the border of two cultures and languages. She works to promote social justice and global awareness through her support of organizations like ALIADI (Alianza Latinoamericana por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes), Biosafety Alliance, Urban Sprouts, SF Living Wage Coalition and 16 Days of ARTivism.

Radmilla Cody is a traditional Navajo recording artist. Radmilla is a biracial woman and a survivor of domestic violence. She uses her personal experience to advocate strongly against violence and communicate positive messages about her dual identity as a biracial woman.

Cynthia Alexander is a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist highly regarded in her native Philippines, who currently lives in Seattle, Washington. She fuses electronic, industrial, indigenous, contemporary and pop elements into a cohesive musical narrative. Her music infuses prose-poetry and haunting melodies with indigenous Philippine and Asian rhythms.