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Building Our Future… Together!

“Building Our Future” is a legacy campaign that will help ensure that future generations receive the vibrant cultural and social justice programming that their parents and grandparents have enjoyed at La Peña. This $300,000 Razoo fundraiser is just the beginning, a kick-off to a year-long effort which aims to Renovate, Innovate and Engage!

With your help, La Peña will remain a home for the arts and activist communities, a hub for social education and action, and a catalyst for movements to create change.


Renovate: We are planning major renovation to the exterior of the La Peña building, including updating our historic mural; new outdoor seating for the café area; and larger windows that will allow more natural light in the café and lounge areas. The interior of the building will also receive upgrades to the theater and lobby areas to allow a more open space to welcome all communities to gather, finances permitting.

Innovate: The café will be operated directly by La Peña rather than a concessionaire, in order to better coordinate programming between the theater and the café – and to create a new revenue stream. We plan to open up the restaurant as a venue for cultural events in an intimate setting. The ultimate goal is further fulfillment of the “Peña” concept of a gathering place that integrates food, cultural programming, conversation and good times.

Engage: We are evolving to meet the needs of the community. Along with seeking a new look for our building and new management for the café, we have hired a new Executive Director, and plan to introduce new programming for the center. We are continuing to engage new and younger audiences to build future leaders within the center.